Building on the Rock (Autumn 2008)

Building on the Rock is a discipleship course … that is, it covers the basics of the Christian faith and the life of a Christian. It is suitable for use

  • as a basics course
  • for those new to the faith or thinking about faith
  • as a refresher course
  • or for those who want to know how to share their faith with others

Building on the Rock is in two parts of four sessions … The Foundations (God the Father, God the Son, Why did Jesus die for us? and God the Holy Spirit) and Building on the Foundations (Prayer, Reading the Bible, Fellowship and Worship).

There are  links under each section to sermons based on the same readings. You could work through the sessions on your own, but it would be good to find some others to discuss the questions with.

The Foundations

1. God the Father

Read Luke 15:11-32

In this story God is portrayed as a father. In what ways is God like an earthly father, and in what ways is he not?

Why does the Father give the younger son the freedom to run off with the money?

What’s the point of the younger son’s confession?

What does this story tell us about God’s attitude to those who turn to him in faith?

How can we be sure God will accept us? (You will need to work through the next couple of sessions to be able to fully answer this!)

God our Father – a sermon

2. God the Son

Read Mark 10:35-45

Jesus doesn’t deny James and John’s view that he is a king, but he prefers to call himself ‘the Son of Man’. What does it mean to you that Jesus became a real human being, a ‘Son of Man’?

Jesus said that he did not come to be served but to serve. From what you know of Jesus’ life, can you explain how he served others?

How was Jesus’ death the supreme example of service?

How should Jesus’ life and death affect the way we live our lives today?

God the Son – a sermon

3. Why did Jesus die for us?

Read Luke 23:32-49

How is our heavenly Father able to forgive us because of the cross?

Why didn’t Jesus choose to save himself?

Look at the exchange between Jesus and the second criminal. Can you explain the hope that Jesus is able to offer all those who turn to him?

Was the cross the end of the story?

In this account, Jesus is called many things – the Chosen one, the King of the Jews, a righteous man. Who do you say that Jesus is?

Why did Jesus die – a sermon

4. God the Holy Spirit

Read John 14:15-27

Why is the Holy Spirit only given to those who love Jesus and obey his commands?

What does it mean in practice to say that Jesus is living in us?

How does the Holy Spirit teach us and remind us of Jesus’ teachings?

What is this peace that Jesus’ promises to those who follow him?

Do you have the Holy Spirit in your life?

God the Holy Spirit – a sermon

Building on the Foundations

5. The Bible

Read Luke 24:13-35

The disciples on the road to Emmaus had lots of information about Jesus, but still failed to recognise him. How is reading the Bible different from just taking in bits of information?

The first half of the Bible is called the Old Testament. How does the Old Testament look forward to the coming of Jesus?

The New Testament is written by people who either saw the risen Lord Jesus themselves or knew those who had seen him. Why is this important?

How does the Holy Spirit work in our hearts when we read the Bible?

The Bible – a sermon

6. Prayer

Read Luke 11:1-13

Look at the prayer Jesus teaches his followers. What does it teach us about our priorities when we pray?

How should the story of the friend visiting at midnight encourage us when we pray?

Jesus says, ‘Ask and it shall be given to you’ (vs 9) . How do we deal with the question of unanswered prayer?

How can the gift of the Holy Spirit be the answer to our prayers?

Prayer – a sermon

7. Fellowship

Read Acts 2:42-47

What were the four main ingredients of the early church’s meetings?

Should we also expect to see signs and wonders in our church meetings?

Is such deep sharing of lives practical or possible today?

Why did the early church grow so rapidly?

Fellowship – a sermon

8. Worship

Read Romans 12:1-3

Why should our worship begin with recognising God’s mercy?

What does it mean for us to offer ourselves to God?

Why does being a Christian involve living a different life-style from that of the world around us?

What is the ultimate point of worship?

Worship – a sermon

If you have any questions as a result of reading Building on the Rock, please do contact us using the box below …


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