Discipleship 3 – Obedience (outline)

St Michael’s and St Barnabas, 15th May 2011

Readings – 1 Corinthians1:26-2:3; Luke 9:1-6

  • Third in series – handout
  • Last week – Jesus’ authority as
    • Lord of creation
    • Lord of the church and
    • Lord of redemption (JW’s phrase which I found so helpful)
  • We demonstrate that we recognise someone’s authority by obedience
  • Jesus gave us many commands/directions/principles in his teaching
    • What did Jesus say was the greatest command? (see service card for Holy Communion!)
    • We’ll be looking at these two commands in greater detail later in this series
  • Central principle = LOVE … of God (including his church), our neighbour, our enemies
  • But Jesus also gave us a final command
    • Matthew 28:20 …
  • The command to Go arises out of the command to love
    • Loving your neighbour isn’t just about being nice to them, but about having a concern for their eternal destiny …

Which brings us on to today’s outline – front of notice sheet

  • We have been given:
    • a big task – we have a message for the whole world
      • It sounds daunting, where do we start?
      • How do you reach the whole world? One person at a time …
    • a simple task – not to run organisations or build churches, but to make disciples
      • Need to be clear – a disciple is not simply some who goes to church
      • Need to be clear – by living out the life we are asking others to take on
    • a common task – it requires everyone playing their part to carry out this command
      • Not an individual task
      • Not all called to be evangelists … teamwork … football team

There’s only one thing I want to add …

  • Luke 9:6, ‘So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere.’
    • The disciples had a sense of urgency that kept them moving …
    • They had …
      • focus
      • motivation

So to finish – a few questions to leave you with …

  • How do you recognise a disciple? Is that who you are?
  • What is your role as part of ‘Team Church’?
  • Why do you come to church on a Sunday … and where are you focussed for the rest of the week?

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